Finding new focus

Developing insights into your attitudes and behaviors and learning new skills toward a more fulfilling life.


Uncovering patterns

Understanding how you relate to others and helping you find new ways of keeping and nurturing your relationships.


Unlocking depression

Restoring motivation, vitality and internal creative energy through understanding and treating your depression.


Knowing yourself

Cultivating a quality of mind and non-judgmental awareness that amplifies a deep inner energy.


Growing confidence

Improving self-esteem to develop greater resilience, optimism and strength toward a more positive self image.


Growing with life

Finding emotional strength to meet life’s challenges and growing through difficult transitions constructively.


The Process

Dr. Wu’s careful and methodical psychotherapeutic approach provides a formative, structured setting in which to uncover and understand emotional and behavioral problems.


Areas of Focus

Dr. Wu practices clinical psychology, psychotherapy and psychoanalysis for problems such as depression, stress, anger, addiction, anxiety, relationship difficulties and couples therapy.


Cultural Crossroads

Attitudes and behaviors are powerfully shaped by culture. Dr. Wu specializes in helping individuals to understand their cultural and ethnic identity, and how these impact their relationships.


Jenai Wu, Ph.D.
Jenai Wu, PhD: Boston Psychotherapist

A licensed and accredited psychotherapist, clinical psychologist and psychoanalyst in Boston, MA, Dr. Wu integrates mindfulness into her services and approach. She is also a writer, educator, speaker and coach, and offers forensic consulting and expertise in diversity and cultural issues to organizations.

Referral problems

Learn more about the types of referral problems that Dr. Wu treats and inform yourself about some of their common symptoms and underlying causes.


Mindfulness is about learning to regulate attention, increase awareness, manage emotions and reactivity, and increasing self-understanding.

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